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Hire On Demand Transport Booking App Solution Providers

Hire On Demand Transport Booking App Solution Providers

Hire On Demand Transport Booking App Solution Providers

In olden days, transportation is the biggest challenge faced by humankind. Want to travel for numerous days to meet the loved once and the same goes for working people, students,etc. Everyone felt difficult to move from one place to another. This now overcame by growing technologies. Peoples can travel from place to place in fraction of seconds by choosing the transport which they feel comfortable with. And it also became an undying business in the global market.

Transport in Business

When the transportation got a undeniable part in everyone’s life, it tempted all the business magnets in the world. The rapid increased usage of transportation made a record and thus grab all entrepreneurs attention. Finally it become a prime business and also a profitable. At the starting stage it begins with auto then developed to car rents and now various transport business are available.

Various business are erupted in this platform because of the improving technology and held a tough competition to sustain in the business market. Thus to overcome everyone and get Branding Position in business field the best way is to update the business with the ongrowing technologies, which is none other than app development. Reshape or rebuilt the business into app service providers.

Transportation in App Technology

The growing of transportation is increasing simultaneously with rapidly swelling of technologies. It became part of the life and also mandatory one to run a day in this modern world. Without a vehicle no one can go to their destined place. Thus all sort of peoples use the different transportation according to their comfort and needs. Some people use public transport and few prefer the own automobile to attain purposed place.

On the emergence situation people tough to find the right transport for themselves and to overcome from those situation transportation apps are used. The transportation apps makes the things become handy and it also give relief on the tight situations. Most people will seek a different ways to travel, mainly on the holidays. That is because on holidays the cost will be too high and even if we pay the amount their is less chance of getting tickets. Therefore, to overcome all these things the transportation apps are used and it become a favorite one in worldwide which also achieved as tempting business among entrepreneurs.

Transport apps making the things become handy and it also became a wonderful aid when coming to emergency situations.

How transport app functions?

This app function will be same as other app and user-friendly to interact. It has split into three version in single app because of its usage by three different persons. Those different version and department are,  

                                      Version                                Department

                                 Admin Panel             -           Main Management

                              Service Provider          -           Transportation Providers

                                  User Panel               -           Customers

Very first the admin panel is built and both other parties, service providers and users are login or signup in the app to provide or get the services respectively. Then who are in need of automobile they can send request and it will be approved/canceled by the service providers. And these two parties are control by the admin panel to prevent and provide quality services those who are in needs.

Features of App

Based on the distinct version the features will be varied. Some features can be same but based on the version its functionality differs.

Admin Panel Features

  • Account Creation - Admin person should create an account to get access and track the other two parties activity.
  • Driver Profile - Driver profiles are approved created by respective companies but those profiles are approved by the admin member.
  • Customer Profile - Users can create their profile and their locations are tracked and the transport suggestion are given from the management side.
  • Add/Block Company or user - Once the admin found the terms and policies are violated by service provider or user, they have the rights to block them. The admin also have the rights to add the company and customer profiles.
  • Request - The user request are monitored in this option and by their location plus as per their request nearest vehicles are allocated or suggested based on the availability.
  • Booking - Once the request is accepted by driver then the appointments are confirmed and registered in schedule.
  • Tracking - The driver and customers will be under live tracking for the safety precautions.
  • Subscribe - Admin can provide subscribe options to user to grab their interest and attention toward the management.
  • Notifications - Notifications are used to alert the users for their appointments and can also notify once they reached their assigned place or if the route are changed during travelling.
  • Offers - Offers can be provided by admin or company to attract the customers.
  • History - Driver/Company/User payment and booking history are maintained properly under this option.

Service Provider Features

  • Account Creation - The company should create a account in the app to get a key to access the app.  
  • Driver Profile - All drivers should create profile separately, which is their resemble in the app.
  • Schedule - Service providers should schedule their appointments in calender to notify about that to respective company and admin panel.
  • Accept/Cancel - The request of the appointments can be approved or canceled by service providers.
  • Tracking - Drivers can track the given/destined location of users to pick and drop them respectively.
  • Call/Text - To notify change in the plan or for further clear of location verification, service providers can contact user through this option.  
  • History - Appointment history can be checked here.
  • Payment - Payment history are store here, if payments are in pending or settled, it can be identified through this option.
  • Offers - Company can provide some offers to customers from their sides too. It can be notified through this option.

User Panel Features

  • Account Creation - Users need to login/signup an account. It can be done easily by synchronizing any social media profiles.
  • User Profile - Users need to created profile for themselves to get the service.
  • Schedule - Based on the service provider schedule, customers can book appointments.
  • Request - By analyzing the availability the transport appointments can be requested.
  • Booking - Once the request is accepted, then appointments can be booked as conformed.
  • Tracking - Live tracking is available to make sure service provider is heading in right direction or not.
  • Call/Text - To notify anything specifically to the service provider, this option is used.
  • History - The transaction and payment history are stored under this option.
  • Payment - Payments can be done through this option either as hot cash or through net banking.
  • Ratings & Reviews - This is option only for the customers. Where they can rate and review about their received service.

To get an attractive designed app and user-friendly nature one, approach HandyServicesHub. We develop best app and instant scripts for the start-ups to begin their business without delay and also in an profitable way. Branded app are developed here by using latest technology tools.

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