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Rideshare and Carpooling App Development Company

Rideshare and Carpooling App Development Company

Traveling a long distance was a dream in olden days because of lack of Transport technology, but it came in fingertip in this generation. Prolonged distance travel will always humiliate people both mentally and physically because of the seating position as well as cost. The cost will be always high and not to mention fare on emergency situations. So, to overcome these disadvantages carpooling concept is started to get available in the market. Which reduces the rate and also make the travel a comfortable one.

What is the concept of Carpooling?

In this modern world, traveling technology become a handy one. And to make it still more compatible and affordable carpool app development concepts are used in the market. This carpooling can also be referred as ride sharing, where people can share their rides with others without disturbing their comfort zone meanwhile by sharing the travel charges with them. This smart tech make peoples travel eco-friendly plus cost effective.

How Carpooling/Ride share application development is influenced in Travel Industry?

This ride sharing idea is already obtainable in the market and to make it more accessible it begins to gettable in app technology, which made the things to become handy with everyday updation. The combination of handy technology and comfy plus cost effective idea, created a big impact among the people in world-wide.

This impact not alone showed influence among common people, it also tempted the business magnets. Therefore entrepreneurs established this creative idea in their business or remold it, to begin as a new business based on the generation taste. Carpooling/Ride share app development concept achieved a great success in business world with profit facing its index, so it resulted as influenced business model in the global market.

Functionality of Carpooling Mobile App Development

The On-demand carpooling app development notion has three version with itself. Which is separated based on respective departments like Admin panel, Driver panel and User panel. The functionality of app varies based on the sector.

Admin Panel : This panel is designed for the management to control and monitor other two departments as well as to develop the functionality of app. Both other parties datas are store in the dashboard and can added are removed by them, if any person violated the rules or policy.

Chauffeur Panel : In this panel, drivers only have the access. Their personal information like licence, vehicle policy, so on are feed here. Drivers can login and check their schedule then travel to booked user. After picking the customer, they can drop them at the assigned destination by using the navigator. Driver payment history is also can be checked at this panel.

User Panel : This panel side is used by everyone, so its functionality will be similar. As usual, the customer want to login/signup then needed fill up the necessary details. Based on the availability they can book the vehicle and pay through the portal.

Advantages of Ride Share app based on Sector

Based on the sector the advantage will may also vary. The benefits of the Carpooling Mobile App development is listed below,

For Customers                                                     

  • Riders can save the travel cost                             
  • Comfortable travel                                                 
  • Satisfied transporting service                                

For Motorist

  • Extra income
  • Work any time with no targets
  • Convenient passengers are provide

For Management

  • Profitable income
  • Global Brand name
  • Easy world-wide reach
  • Numerous customers
  • Volunteer Drivers with reasonable salary

Features of Carpooling and Ride Sharing App Development

The features of the on-demand carpooling and ride sharing mobile application development differs based on the design of the app, which has three different sectors to build as a single app. Trait of the app is listed and explained below with it is respective department.

Traits of Admin

  • Account Signup - To have access over the admin account
  • Dashboard - Which has details of driver and rider
  • Schedule - Can check, edit the schedule of both parties
  • Reports - Chauffeur can mention about their needs or report through this option
  • Feedback - Customers can share their travel feedback here
  • Content - Contents are edited through this option to grab the clients attention
  • Notification - Notifications are created and sent to the customers and drivers based on their schedules
  • Tracking - Live tracking is very must thing to know about rider & driver location plus to detect their activities
  • Easy Payment - payment method attract users as well as satisfy drivers

Traits of Driver

  • Profile SignUp/Login - Profile signUp is must, where the drivers datas are stored by themself
  • Edit Schedule - They can edit the schedule based on their working hours
  • Booking - Drivers can accept/reject the booking request from customers
  • Navigation - This option used to locate the user and their destination
  • Remainder - The appointments can be notified earlier via this feature
  • Payment History - Remaining & Paid amounts are noted here

Traits of Rider

  • SignUp/Login - Users can signUp/Login easily through any social media accounts
  • Select schedule - Preferable or comfy schedules can be checked & decided here
  • Booking Request - Based on the availability the request can be made
  • Text/Call - Can receive notifications and also can make call directly to make a check
  • SOS - Save our soul option is special option, available in our clone script to make customers feel safe
  • Rating & review - Users can say their feedback via this option separately about the travel and driver respectively
  • Payment portal - The amounts can be paid through this portal option. Numerous payment method makes the users feel comfort and happy

Carpooling clone script with these special features is available at HandyServicesHub in cost effective fare. We, HandyServicesHub are specialized in mobile app development. The on-demand carpooling mobile app development clone script is developed in hybrid platform with the influence of latest trending technologies. We also help to digital market your business by effective landing.

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