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On Demand Handyman Mobile App Development

On Demand Handyman Mobile App Development

In the fast moving digital world, technological updation got a top priority to sustain in the market. Smart devices and internet has become a basic necessity for this generation. Today, it is impossible to live a day without technologies. It has became a part of everyone’s life as it simplifies a human work to a great extent. From switching on Television to shopping and booking beauty services, everything is done through mobile phones. Though there are a lot of devices and applications like computer, laptop, web apps, e-mail, etc, mobile applications catches attention of large crowd because of it is peculiarity and reliability. There are numerous mobile applications for different purposes including entertainment, providing services, businesses, shopping, communication and much more.

Due to its high demand, most of the businesses now started to invest on mobile applications. We are in a world, where people experience amazing growth as a lot of industries bloom in the business platform. To sustain in the techno generation, the existing industries adopt custom mobile apps to reach their target audience instantly at less investment.

Mobile apps let people go handy. There are millions of service apps that makes everyone in the world to get their requirement at their doorstep. Handyman service is one of the most needed application that is required by most of the houses. Now let us see about handyman services app in detail.

Handyman Services App

It is common that every home get some problems with any of the household items such as kitchen equipment, Air Conditioner, washing machine, Television, etc and you might need plumber or electrician or mechanic or any other handy service. There are a lot of handyman available but still it has become a challenging task to get the things to be serviced as no handyman will be available on time. Despite this, when you get a handyman, he will charge heavy cost. Also, a lot of handyman are not aware of the customers who are in need of their services. This made an impact on both, individual and the handy service provider. To overcome this, technology gave the right solution. When appealing mobile application is built, it becomes easy for both the parties. An individual can get the right person for a reasonable cost and the handy service provider can get connected with the customers easily.  

Benefits of having Handy Service App


This app helps to save precious time. No one want to waste their time at any cost. By choosing the right service and the person, it helps to save the clients in various ways. This becomes the greatest positive point to the entrepreneurs.


Saving the money is the everyone favorite thing and for all aged peoples. Based on the service rate, customers can book necessary service, through which we can avoid spending the money in unwanted way.

Reduce Qualm

Assembling the furniture or repairing things by self will consume huge time and can irritate sometime and lead to fight with our loved ones, family and friends. So, to avoid that, simply they can jump into online app. This is highly beneficial for business people too for their office works.

Quality work

Most of the handyman wont complete the work properly or in the satisfying way and they will cost high even for the small works. To avoid these kinds of tragedy, using app is the prime choice. The service, handyman and the amount can all be selected in fraction of seconds as well as in effective way.

Heath & Happiness

Often repair of household things leads to the stressful life and more than that finding perfect handyman is the greatest stressful job. Once the job is done in the quality way then their will be no stress or pressure in the life. Health is wealth.

To develop this kind of beneficial app, which profit both the business people and the end users can be build by the leading software company Handyservicehub. Handy has strong team with the skilled developers. So, handyserviceshub is the right choice to approach for developing business app in the customized way.

User Features of Handyman App

Knowing the importance and benefits of handyman apps, it has become the mobile app with high demand. If you are an handy service provider, owning a handyman app is not too difficult. Here is the process for the users or customers of this application

² User must select the service which they need from the menu list.

² The customer can choose anyone in default or a handyman as per their wish for the service.

² After selecting the service and the particular handyman, the requested person will arrive at the doorstep to complete the job with the required tools.

² Once the job is done, bill is generated and customer has to pay the amount either cash or card or through any means of payment.

² Finally, customers rating and review will be asked. This is the best part of the app, which helps other people to find the best handyman.

Categories Available on Handyman Service App

It is mandatory to have the following features in the handyman app, which helps the service provider to a great extent.

  • Service Menu
  •  Messaging System
  •  Tracking
  •  Payment
  •  Rating and Reviews

To grab the customers attention handyserviceshub added some more special categories to the updated versions of the existing categories and also add custom category as per the clients demand . Our notable and updated categories process are mentioned as follows,

                                                     Updated Version


                                                     Online Tracking






Updated Version   

Many services are needed in the house like plumbing, electricity, furniture assembling,etc. Based on the service needed and as per the time, the service can be selected.


The Handyman can be selected in the booking option as per the below criteria,

1. Handyman availability

       Based on the customer requirement and availability of handyman, the service providers can be booked.

2. Experience

       The handyman’s can also be booked based on their work experience. The experience persons are given preference because they help to save our precious time. Their speed and quality of the work will be high.

3. Distance

       If the customer needs a handyman very soon, then they can prefer the handyman available near to them.

4. Rating & Review

        This is the most important part for customers as well as the handy service provider. This option makes people to select the handyman easy meanwhile it make the lazy service people to stay out of the market.

Online Tracking

This online tracking benefits the service provider as well as users. Through this tracking technology people can have quality services as handyman can locate the designated place easily without any delay and the user can book a handyman available near by.


This app technology made service providers to satisfy the customers needs promptly and eliminates the lazy handyman from the industry. The jobs are received in quality way through this app and on time with the fair cost.


This option is beneficial for both parties. The data and information of the user and the service provider will be kept safe and confidential.


The app stability is more important to hold the customers on the site. The hanging or high loading time, will lead to the lose the customers and reduce ranking. Our app is more stable and reliable, so user gets better experience.


Their should be flexible option to clients mainly in the payment method. Most of the clients start to prefer card transaction nowadays then the cash. So, our app supports multiple choice of accepting all sort of cards.


Feedback is the precious option on both sides. For the entrepreneurs and the app provides it helps to gain the customers trust which leads to create branding and ranking in the competitive market.

Thus to get the updated version of the Handyman Service app with latest market strategies Handyserviceshub is the best choice to approach. We build the most advanced mobile app by deeply analyzing the latest trend in the market.

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