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How to build On Demand Educational App like uber?

How to build On Demand Educational App like uber?

In the ongrowing tech world, every industry started to reshape into upgrading technologies of their respective fields, including Educational Industry. The most important things for humankind is learning, that is why parents are not even considering about the school fare of kids. And diverse people are interested in gaining knowledge about various fields to keep updated themselves in this modern world. To make the edification easier and to be get in affordable cost, On-Demand Educational Apps are developed in this platform.

On Demand Educational apps are available for various fields on that platform like music, based on stage of schooling, technology, language, etc. For all sorts of need this app is attainable based on their heed.

Why Educational App are given primary importance?

Education became the basic need for a person to sustain in this world. Lack of education can lead to miserable things. So, all peoples begin to give primary importance to this Education Industry. This source results in demanding and also in rise of cost but most folks are not minded to pay this industry because of it is worth. However, peeps struggle each day to earn money and pay for it, where some have no time even they had money.

To put to end to that a solution is found, which is none other than the outcome of this E-learning app, this plays a vital role to tutoring. This app are available in affordable cost and also can be enroll the course in comfortable timings. These Education apps are not alone build for school kids, it is also for grasp about skills, language.And most importantly andragogies apps are too obtainable to aid elders.

Thus cost-effective and precious time saving qualities made it to get a primary importance in the market.

Advantage of E-Learning app

Numerous tutors and pupil find difficult to reach each other on time and some parent can’t choose the suitable instructor for their children, plus children face some difficulties while learning without any guidance. To put an end point this e-learning apps are started to assist. Through this app, lecture and parents or kids can enroll themselves to find their needed person and to pick the proper one based on their comfort.

So, the student can ask the doubt when ever they need and mentor can answer it from their place. This is the great positive side of this e-learning app. The course classes can be taken on convenient time as per person’s comfort, which enhanced the advantage of this app in the industry.

How On-Demand Tutoring Apps Like Uber Are Helping Students in Learning?

This on-demand Tutoring apps are generated to act as bridge between the mentor and student to reach each other in on time. Trainer app started to play a vital role among peeps and the belonged platform because of their great aid, they are listed as follows

                  Suitable tutor and tutee

                  Reach each other on time

                  Fair cost

                  Time saving   

                  Satisfactory results

                  Learn from comfort place

These are some enhanced succour provided by this learning app.

Attributes of the Learning App

Before moving on to features of app, their is an important thing is to be noted. Which is none other than it is department, based on the people of department the features will vary. The features are listed below with its detail description withal corresponding sector.


The educational apps are other wise known as eLeaning app, this app function in different sectors to assist the respective people. Those division are skill, language, middle school, high school, preschool, much more.


The syllabus is an important thing to be noted before joining the course. That is because, various type of courses will available for single topic. Which are split based on the level like starter, middle or advance. The level of course can be selected on necessary.

Course progress

The course are held in online with various schedules. So, to check on the progress of students and course, this feature will be very helpful.

Video content

This video content delivering feature helps to grab the full attention and deliver the content easily in effective way.

Interactive session

Another best effective way to teach is interaction. The interaction between the tutor and tutee can make them to learn faster on time. Live interactions and sessions can help to clear the quires and understand the classes well. Two way interaction, This two interaction can play a vital role while session going on lively.

Testing Knowledge

Exams are always the best option to test their newly found knowledge before announcing them as graduate of the field. Their are varied ways available to test their knowledge and it can done on both parties comfort.

24/7 Availability

24/7 availability can make the scholar feel easier. That is, if the person is attainable on any time to clarify the doubt, it will comfort the learners to study at any time.

Offline Mode

Even during the offline mode, if the sessions is held and questions are answered then it will enhance the beauty of Educational app.


Gaming app are know as gamification, where kids can learn many things by playing in an app like solving puzzle, rhymes, etc.


Notifications helps to remain about the upcoming or missed classes of course. So, learners can attend the class without fail to complete course on time.

Social Media Integration

Social media interaction can play a vital role in this app. Through synchronizing accounts with social media, it will tell others about the person skill and efficiency.


Feedback is really important to know about the classes plus to be aware of the trainer too, which helps to stick in safe hands.

Rating & review

Ratings and reviews play a key role to know about the app and tutors performance. Two separate ratings and review is for two people, one is for app and the other is to trainer.

How to build On Demand Education App?

Here are some simple scheme steps which would allow you to build an educational app of high quality

1. Trending Educational app ideas - Select the trending app service in education field and start to build a creative idea to gain users attention.

2. Analyze market strategy - Analyze the strategy on the market and apply it on your idea to stand out in the business market.

3. Testing educational app ideas - Test your ideas by presenting it to the targeted ideas and ask their opinion which is very useful while developing the educational app service.

4. Hire Tutor app developers - This stage is more important because it consume most stages of the developing an educational app. They are,


                                   Creative designing

                                   Skilled development


                                     Effective Launching

Planning to build your own On-Demand Educational app like Uber?

Then your at right place. Here is the step by step process of building On-Demand educational app development

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                                          Build your On Demand Education app like Uber!


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