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How E-commerce App Development Become Trend in Business world?

How E-commerce App Development Become Trend in Business world?


E-Commerce can also be know as online business where buying and selling process takes place through the internet and mobile apps. The first online shopping system is demonstrated in 1979. Then in 1995, purchase of a book is the first online secured shopping service held place. The very first commercial free e-commerce site is launched in 1995 by Jeff Bezos. E-Commerce became trending one among the current generation and it also created a mild stone in humankind life. This makes people to buy and sell the product 24/7 whenever and from where ever.

The E-Commerce work based on the technologies like mobile commerce, internet marketing, online transaction, electronic fund transfer, electronic data interchange (EDI), supply chain management, automated data collection system and inventory management system. Nowadays, all sort of business can achieve the targeted profit and brand only through online business.

E-commerce Reshaped Business World

E-Commerce online business reshaped the tradition market of business world. Where the traditional business system is Brick and Motor Store, the business exchange held physically in this place. The change of lifestyle lead to lack of time, so people start to seek way for saving the time and most common thought to save time is to avoid physical work. So, when e-commerce sites started to provide satisfied business through secured transition then it started hold success flag in business world and become everlasting business.

Thus the worthy benefit of e-commerce field made all business people to reshape their business into online one. The reshape of business lead to face the profit to index and also aid to gain Branding globally, which is the tempting one to all sort of business magnets as well as startups. The online business held in worldwide through World Wide Web at first then it upgraded to websites, where the particular business took place and now it become more sufficient through mobile apps. Mobile apps through which people start to sell and buy products from wherever at any time.

Types of E-commerce

In the E-Commerce field the business not only held between entrepreneur and consumer, it also held in few other ways. They are,

1. Business to Consumer (B2C)

2. Business to Business (B2B)

3. Consumer to Consumer (C2C)

These three classification lead the business world to next level and also helped many common people, it happened through e-commerce only.

Business to Consumer (B2C):

This business to consumer is the very common business in the business platform and among people, where products are sell to customer from the business people. In E-commerce it held through the respecting websites and apps. 

Business to Business (B2B):

Business to Business is happening everywhere and some business are act as bridge to reach customers. Most of the products are not sold to customers directly by retailers. The best example for this kind of business is Handyserviceshub, where apps are built based on the entrepreneur needs and handover to them.

Consumer to Consumer (C2C):

As the title mentioned, consumers sells the products to other consumers through some e-commerce sites like Amazon, ebay and so on. This e-commerce type is also becoming trending one.

Benefit of E-commerce

The E-commerce got an everlasting trending place in the business world because of its various benefits for all sort of peoples. Through E-Commerce both the sellers and buyers are started gain high profit in enormous ways. The boon received peoples are listed below based on category. They are,

Boon for Seller:

  •  Ability to reach customers worldwide which results the business in Global Branding.
  •  Can sales their products for 24/7, which gains more attention and attraction from clients side.
  •  Products are delivered directly to customers from retailers, which become great positive point for sellers.
  •   Can face profit to the index because of high sales.
  •  Can control the products fare, which is highly advantage on product season time.

Boon for Buyer:

  •  Easy for purchase.
  •  Can compare and buy products.
  •  Cost less because of direct sales.
  •  Digital transaction which is very effective.
  •  Convenient delivery process.

Features of E-commerce Site

Below their are some points to build the e-commerce sites with best features, which helps to gain customers attraction easily. Those are named below,

1. Customized App.

2. Mobile friendly theme.

3. Choose optimized images and words.

4. About Us page.

5. Separate page for customers where FAQ, rating and review should be existed.

6. Less loading time.

7. Profile where customers can create separate account and store their information.

8. Multiple language option

9. Multiple country option to gain universal customer attraction

10. Offers and grab people attention by membership

These features are most important in e-commerce sites to gain global clients and maintain/create brand in market. These features should upgraded and added based on the generation change to sustain in the business world on same position.

To Develop the E-commerce site for your business in customized way then it is right time, approach HandyServicesHub and start to grow your business to next level. The app are build and developed in HandyServicesHub, so use this opportunity to rebuild your app for effective relaunch in global business market.

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