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How to create your own Hotel Booking App

How to create your own Hotel Booking App

In this modern tech world, none of them stay in an constant place. People start to travel a lot for different reasons willing or not. Their can be various reasons for persons trip and now-a-days the last minute journey is increased like rapid fire. This leads to the high peak demand of hotel booking. Due to urgency or emergency situations most of them willing to pay huge fare to get a room, even it was uncomfortable. To overcome all these backdrops, hotel booking apps are developed.

Benefits of Hotel Booking App

Since several peeps have already experience an awful situations while approaching to book the rooms in Motel, it will help to identify the real profits which are provided by apps. Some advantage of Hotel Booking Apps are listed below,

                    Price Comparison

                    Room Comparison

                    Check availability

                    Book nearest Hotel

                    Easy Book/Cancel

                    Multiple Payment method

                    24/7 Support

                    SOS option

Role of Hotel Booking App in Business

The increasing demand of the online lodge booking among the people leads to tempt the entrepreneur, which made a troll in Hotel Industry. All the business people belong to this industry, start to reshape their business into app form to grab numerous persons attention and to sustain in the market. And it also induced the start-ups to begin their career in this Hospitality Industry.  

Development of app in this field is providing a great aid to grasp the Branding and Profit simultaneously on before period. This enhance the beauty of this Business and also woo plenty of start-ups, who are entice in this Business platform.

What are the important things to know before building app for Hospitality Industry?

The very first thing to do is, analyzing apps which are belong to the same industry and to find the best one and reason for it is Branding position in the market. Then identify the quality developers and handover the developing app task, to get a worthy app. The app should be built by analyzing,              

                                Market strategy

                                Trending approach

                                Quick response way

                                Attractive designs

                                User-friendly features

                                Effective Launching

These are some important things to be considered on the blossom stage of app. Among these the Features are given high preference because it varies based on the people purpose.

Traits of App

The trait of app differ based on the peoples motive, some will be service providers where the other half will be users. And these two parties will be monitored by the management. These parties can only access app based on their need. Depending on this three department of folks intent the app features are built and it is listed as follows,

Admin Panel Features

  • Account - Admin people should create account to monitor and manage the app functionality plus features.
  • Sub Admin - When the main head is not available, then it automatically surrenders to sub admin to survey app.
  • Profile - Two types of profiles will be laid under this category and based on it, their feature version is provided to them.
  • Add/Reject - Profile can be added and rejected under this option.If the the profile matches then it automatically added and when it doesn’t match the terms and condition else they violated the policy they will be rejected or banned respectively.
  • Schedule - Hotel rooms availability is scheduled here, which helpd admin to fetch them easily for users.
  • Compare - Hotel, room and its price are compared. To make customers choose easily and wisely.
  • Tracking - This tracking option is used to check the local or nearest hotel availability and some tourist spots to attract the customers.
  • Offers - Offers are provided to customers as well as service providers to gain more vendor and vendee heed.
  • Remainders - Notifications are sent to customers and entrepreneur about their appointments and offers.
  • Payment portal - The payment option should be in portal format to satisfy both department peoples.
  • Support - Support system should be available for 24/7 to aid customers in case emergency and to answer their quires.

Service Providers Features

  • Account - Business peoples should create account to access the app.
  • Profile - Profile are generated to represent their business.
  • Schedule - Room availability can be scheduled here, to make bookings easier.
  • Room Comparison - Various sized rooms will be obtained in same motel and to choose the right one, this option provide a great aid.
  • Accept/Cancel Appointment - They have the authority to accept and cancel the request or appointments.
  • Offers - Hotel can provide their own offers to improve customers amount. 
  • Quires - This is the important option, where users can ask their quires directly to service providers.
  • Payment - Payment options should be flexible as possible to fulfill the customer service.

User Features

  • Account - Account can easily be created by synchronizing with social accounts to access the app.
  • Profile - The profile is important thing which resemble you and your needs.
  • Advanced Search - This advance search will help to choose the hotel by its locality. 
  • Comparison - Hotels, rooms and its size plus most importantly the cost can be compared based on user wish and needs.
  • Availability - The room availability can be checked here.  
  • Booking - Based on the convenient, the room can be booked.
  • Special Request - If user have any special request, that can be mentioned here like extra bed need in case,since we are coming as family.
  • Multiple Payment Option - Multiple payment options will be available to pay in online or hot cash.
  • SOS - Save Our Soul option is can be used in case of emergency to contact admin or service provider. 
  • Rating & Review - Two type of rating and review option will be provided, to know about the service of the hotel and app contribution in trip. 

To built app in this Hospitality Industry with attractive design and user-friendly features, approach HandyServicesHub. The apps are built to function in hybrid platform like Android, IOS by using latest technologies.


                           Have a idea to launch your own Hotel Booking App?

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