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On Demand Health & Fitness App Development

On Demand Health & Fitness App Development

This modern world now started to face various health issues because of the rapid change of lifestyle. The change aid the humankind in various ways to improve their life and move on to the next stage. Every things comes with price, as per that it gave a lot of advantages with a great disadvantage is health. It leads every people to assume prime task as health and keeping fitness of body as mandatory one to live along in this world.

Sedentary lifestyle enhanced the importance of health fitness and also drilled various ways to achieve it. Numerous gyms, exercise, yoga and some fitness classes started. Some people started to do by their own and by seeking other ways like jogging, walking, etc. Due to lack of money and time enormous people find difficult to make it out. So, make the things easier for them the healthy fitness classes are started to available in mobile application.

Want to know about the Benefits of Fitness App?

The Fitness apps are becoming on-demand because of it is increasing usage in effective way among the people and it is also used by all sort of peoples. Fitness app not alone used to learning exercise class and some other fitness class, but it is also used for various purposes like, tracking diet, counting the calories in food and in the body and to check daily base activities plus so on.

The benefits of fitness app is increasing everyday with the growth of technologies. It indicates the usage of app is also increased along that and tempted gym masters, exercise teachers to start it as business. Most importantly fitness app grab the attention of people who thought teaching and maintain heath fitness as a passion. They used it as advantage and start their class in online and also by providing tips to peoples.

How On-Demand Workout/ Fitness app function?

On-demand Healthy fitness app function as similar as other apps with three different version in single app. Based on their role the version of app will vary. Only three roles peoples can use this app, they are




These three peoples can use this app with their respective version, those are explained as follows.

Trainer app : The trainer app is used by trainers, to teach lessons or plans of the workout, yoga, diet chart, etc.

Trainee app : This version of app is accessed by trainers, who are intent to know about the fitness to keep their body healthy.

Admin : Admin panel act as bridge between the trainer and trainee plus it also controls both parties activities.

Features of Fitness App

Fitness app have distinctive features and also has it is own uniqueness to grab the attention of the common people as well as trainers. The trait of this app has major difference from other on-demand domain apps. Now below lets we can see the common and peculiar features of heath fitness and workout apps.

Basic characteristic of workout app,

  • SingUp/Login - Creating an account is an import thing to access the app. The accounts can created easily by synchronizing with social accounts.
  • Profile - Profile creation held a prime importance because, where all the personal and official details of a person will be available.  
  • Tracking - Tracking option in this app will not act as in other apps. Instead of that it is used to track the activities, diet, workout, etc.
  • Schedule - Workout activates and fitness classes can be scheduled based on the availability of both trainer and trainee timings.
  • Subscription - Subscription of a trainer or on the workout plan or diet chart, it will help to follow the rules to obtain the target. And it also aid to get few tips and some offers of plan fare.
  • Call/Text - The quires of the trainee can be cleared through this option. Everyone has different health problem, so this option will also aid to choose the best plan by consulting trainer.
  • Notification - It is used to receive instant notification from trainer to trainee and also get notified about their activities to both parties. So, it will access trainee to be aware of their diet and workouts level.
  • Payment - Once the course is completed and target is achieved, amounts can be paid instantly through this option and it has flexible ways to suffocate both parties.  

Special Features of Fitness app,

There are some special features which are available only in this fitness app because of it is soul purpose. They are as follows,

                                                      Diet Tracker

                                                      Calorie Counter

                                                      Activity Tracker

                                                      Setting Goal


Diet Tracker - The diet tracker got the same place as workouts, that is because they both act as two body with single soul. The workout and diet must be done and tracked properly to achieve the goal. If one fails then other loses automatically. By using the diet tracker it helps to maintain the diet regularly in proper way.

Calorie Counter - To maintain the diet this calorie counter helps in efficient way. To check the calorie counts in food as well as in body, this feature helps a lot. It also make sure that everyday we have right amount of calories or not, which played a vital role in attaining the goal.

Activity Tracker - This activity tracker helps to keep check on regular workout activities and also about the plan they selected. They can set the goals or else they can workout based on their selected plans. Either action is tracked by this option.

Setting Goal - Goals can be set based on the needs. This goals can assigned by themselves or else by their respective trainers. The goal can be set for weight, diet and for any other purpose based on the needs.

Remainder - The remainders act as notification. It will notify about your activity and also get notified about subscribed plans plus tips or ideas from the trainers.

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