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On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Development

On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Development

To run a day-to-day life, the important thing is grocery. Most of people don’t have time to purchase the grocery in person among their busy schedule. So to make it easy and lessen the burden, grocery app are developed. On Demand Grocery App Development becoming an mandatory one in world-wide and it result as everlasting business. This tempts the start-ups and business magnets to built this app to uphold their position in the market. All sort of peoples are using this app which benefit the business people to face profit to index.

Grocery App

The intention of grocery app is to reduce people work and save their precious time. Reduction of people work results in profit and saving their precious time results in temptation of people. These both factors leads to built app, which is preferred by everyone and make the things become even more easier as well as faster. The secured and quality product delivery on time made this grocer app to earn global popularity. The branded grocery apps can be easily identified by enormous peoples but the the starting point will be the attraction of neighbourhood place and cities.

This grocery app is developed for all platforms like android and IOS to make suffocate people and grab as many people attraction. Installment of app in various platform can easily satisfy the customer and the user-friendly features enhance the customer satisfactory level.

Functions of Grocery App  

The basic functionality structure of grocery app is as follows,

Grocery App    Connection of numerous Grocery shops    Approaching Customer

These are basic necessity tasks for the operate of Grocery App.

Design of Grocery App

Before the key features, the design of app plays a vital role in its operation. This app consists of  four major difference designs which combine to form an app. The four design has separate features for themselves. Those four various design or side of app are,

Admin       Shop owners       Delivery Executive       Customer Side


Admin dashboard act as brain and heart of the app, where all information are collected and stored. It assign the task for delivery executive and helps customers by their search. Most importantly it makes the allied shop to update about the product and its availability as well as offers. The admin can also provide offers from their side, which will increase the customer impact.

Shop Owners

In the shop owners design or side of app, where they can update their products with some details like,  

                        Updated Products,

                        Product detail,

                        Product availability time,

                        Product fare,

                        Tempting offers.  

Delivery Executive

This part of app is very important as customer side because, if delivery went wrong or it is not delivered on time. Then result will directly affect the branding, one wrong move can spoil the whole work so this part should be consider as more sensitive when it is coming to uphold label in market.

Customer Side App

The precious thing of an app is design of end user side. This part should be very attractive and user-friendly because it represent the App Branding directly to customers. Attractive design can easily grab everyone attention and user-friendliness magnify the customers interaction with app.

Attributes of Grocery App

Here are some example features of Grocery App of those four designs of app. These features is available for all platforms like android, IOS and windows because of the development of app in hybrid platform. The traits are as follows,

Feature for Admin Panel

The traits of admin panel is for the access of management to control the whole process of app. They are,

  • Protection - Every person should have unique password assigned by their superiors. So, it increase the security of app and the wrong step inside the admin management can be easily detected and person can be tracked.
  • Manageability - Small change in app like colour or font of text can be easily changed through this option without the help of software developers. This option can also be used for other purposes in app as applicable.
  • Category - The category is created in two forms based on the grocery and shop. So, it make customers easy to choose quality vegetables from various shops in affordable cost.
  • Location - The location in map is more important one to detect the customer, delivery boy and allied shop locations.
  • Database - Details of the customer and grocery shop is stored under this option.
  • Advertisement - Under this option app and grocery shop owners can advertise about the offers or product.
  • Offers & Coupons - Offers can be posted generally and coupons can be given to particular customers or can claim after filling the assigned target.
  • Notification - Customers can be notified updated about the offer and sales going on in app. This notification can be send on app or else by text message or via mail.

Feature for Shop Owners

This feature is designed to represent grocery shop owners, where they can present their products, offers and location.

  • Account - Account creation is must to access through app. Under this option they can fill their personal detail.
  • Profile - Profile creation is very must thing, it can created by shop name. This include their shop history and its quality.  
  • Location - The location can make customers to feel easy, nearer shops can quickly earn peoples trust and it can be delivered fast which aid in emergency situation.
  • Product - Available products can be updated with time, so it saves people time.
  • Offers - Offers, discounts can be update from their side to attract customers.

Feature for Delivery Executive

Feature of this design will be simple to make delivery boy to understandable.

  • Login - They should login to their respective accounts to indicate as themselves.
  • Tracking - Tracking option helps to know about the order products and preferred shop.
  • Location - This option gives the details of the customers location to make deliver easier one.
  • Text & Call - Text represent the customers instruction and in emergency cases the calling option will be useful.
  • Report - The report button option will be pressed when the deliver task made success.

Feature for Customers

Customer features are like heart beat to the app.

  • Singup/Login - Customers can signup or login through their social media, which make account creation easier.
  • Location - By registering the location, customers can fetch the nearer shops and product.
  • Search - This advance search option easily fetch the product and shop nearer to them or based on customer search.
  • Chart - Selected items can be added to chat like placing the things in basket.
  • Booking - Once the items in chart are finalized they can be booked for purchase and delivery.
  • Tracking - The orders can tracked to find where it is and either heading to right direction or not.
  • Payment - Multiple payment portals can satisfy the customer.
  • Customer Support - To enquire or complaint the customer support options are used.
  • Rating & Review - Rating and review is held for two things, one is for product and another is for app plus its delivery.
  • Offers - Offers, Discounts and Coupons are notified through this option. Based on  this the customer can have their purchase.


To built app with latest technologies listed below approach us.

AngularJS  NodeJS  MySQL  HTML  CSS  Java  .NetMVC  

Want to develop app for your grocery business or else decided to have start-up business in grocery domain? Handyserviceshub is the right choice then. The above features are some example of our app development. We develop the attractive and effective On-Demand Grocery App so reach us out on

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