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How to develop a Cricket Fantasy Sports Mobile App like Dream11?

How to develop a Cricket Fantasy Sports Mobile App like Dream11?

This High tech sports world, consists of various games. To enhance this sports field, it started to built into app using mobile application technology. Numerous games app are developed and the popular one among them is ‘Dream11’ app. Dream11 clone script platform develops various sports app like cricket, hockey, football,basketball, kabaddi and so on.

These games are one of the best betting app used widely among the people, which is used as dual purpose like entertainment as well as for earning money. The users can create their own team and play in online.

What is Fantasy Dream11 App?

Fantasy Dream11 app is an game app. It is designed play different games and also used for earning money with low investment. Numerous Fantasy sports app are available in the market but Dreame11 app became a popular one among them because of its own advantages. Fantasy game clone script are used to built effective On Demand Sport app in the global market.  

How Game apps are involved in Business Platform?

Games app are highly used by all sort of people and mostly all kinds of sports are used. So, it is one of the best platform to earn money. Peoples are ready to invest and earn money through this app. Therefore it leads to best option for the business people to invest in this platform, even start-ups can earn high through this. The wide usage of app made the business into everlasting one, which start to tempt literally every entrepreneur.

Why Dream11 Clone app scripts are preferred while building a sports app?

Fantasy game app became an evergreen business platform, which is started to use by all business magnets including to start-ups. And most of them highly preferred Dream11 clone app scripts to develop their own app, that is because of its huge benefits. The advantages are like, the apps can be build in hybrid platform using latest technologies and it is the notable one among the peeps.

Traits of Fantasy Dream App

Features of the Fantasy sports app can be varied based on the sector, which is explained below,

Admin Panel Traits:

Admin login

Admin should also login to access the app using Username and password.

Manage accounts

Via this option, admin can manage the user account like add/remove/edit/Active & Deactivate the account.


This option uphold the contestant profile and about their matches (Upcoming,Ongowing,Played,Matches), involved contests details plus earnings.

Manage contest and games

This feature is used to manage and adjust Ongowing or Upcoming games. It also used to edit, delete and add app category plus its contestants.

Rewards & Bonus

According to peeps investment and wining, rewards & bonus are allocated to the particular person, using this option by admin.


The bonus, prize money are all payed to the users through this feature.

View earning history

Payment history can be checked here, which with holds the earned and pending money details of all individual.

Report Feedback

Admin can generate on users or manage the reports of the users. The reports can be based on contest, contestant, match, earning, payment.

Application Traits:

User signUp/login 

Login is an important thing to do, to have a access on Fantasy Sports mobile app.

Manage profile 

Profile creation is an must one, which represent users itself.

Supreme screen

After login the app, this screen will be displayed to users, where various options will be available to select about the game, investment, calender and so on.

Select Contest & Create Team

Through this option, users can select which contest they are going to participate and they can also add the contest based on the contest requirement.

Refer & Earn

Contestant can also ear through by referring the app to others.


Rewards, Awards, Bonus, Prize amount are all credited in this option.

View payment history

The earned and pending amount history is stored in this feature, which makes it to know about the fare history.

Rating & Review

User can tell their feedback and rate the app via this trait.

Important steps should be followed when developing Fantasy game app

The following steps should be noted down for developing app in Fantasy sport app platform.

  • Create a idea and promote in screen
  • Develop unique design for app
  • Build code using latest technologies
  • Remember to have user-friendly features in application.
  • Test the app to the person who is dominant in playing Fantasy sport app. Use their feedback wisely.
  • Tempt before launching, which greats great impact for app.   

Where to find the best Fantasy sport app like Dream11 in affordable price?

Building the On Demand Fantasy Sport game Mobile Application on own is the difficult one. So, approach the Predominant Fantasy game mobile app development company, HandyServicesHub. We create the Fantasy Sport app like Dreame11 in hybrid platform plus using the trending technologies of the field, in affordable cost.

About Handyserviceshub

Handyserviceshub, is the Leading fantasy sport clone app script development company. We offer the best On-Demand Fantasy game app script like dream11 in the market with the effective Launching impact among the peeps.

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